A Tribute To The Man I Call “Dad”

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“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad”

Every Father’s Day I think about the quote above. Before I was born, my Father, the man I call Dad, chose to live a life of self-sacrifice so that my two sisters and I could have a great childhood, feel loved and have a foundation and support as we entered adulthood.

He was the leader of our family.  He put our family above his wants and desires. He worked overtime, and night shift and holidays so our single income family could have a stay at home Mom, so we could eat home-cooked balanced meals, so we could afford to participate in extracurricular activities and go on vacations.

My Dad put his heart and soul into our family. He could have slept in on the weekends because he was exhausted, he sure deserved to do so.  But instead he chose to take me hunting, or to football games. He coached my sister’s softball games. He made a difference in our friends’ lives.  He was there.

I look back at the different chapters of my life and he was there through each of them. He has been a compass for me, always pointing in the right direction. And although I have not always taken his advice he continued to love me unconditionally.

I’ve always loved my Dad.  But as I’ve become an adult I’ve become more aware of his sacrifices. I’ve grown to respect him not just as a Father, but as a man.  He’s a man of integrity, a man of love, a man of loyalty and a man that I am proud to call Dad.

Two years ago my Dad retired early to take care of my Mom, who is living with ALS. He wants to be there to take care of her, and to spend every minute they have left together. Living in Washington, DC at the time, I could not be there for his retirement party. So I made a video to honor my Dad, which was shown on a big screen at his retirement party.  I think it’s fitting on Father’s Day to share that video here.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!

THANK YOU for being you.

Your son.

Me and Dad