ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising Awareness, Funds and Spirits

I accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I want to thank my sister, Hillary Parker in Pembroke, GA for challenging me to the ALS Ice bucket challenge. I accept the challenge.

Before I do I want to thank my Dad for accepting the ALS challenge 7 years ago when my Mom was diagnosed with the disease. My parents face this challenge every minute of every day, and will continue doing so long after everyone stops pouring ice water on themselves.

I would also like to thank everyone who posted videos of their challenges and/or donated to the ALS association.

Raising ALS awareness AND fundraising.

This campaign is about raising ALS awareness AND fundraising. It’s been 75 years since Lou Gehrig made his farewell speech. Today there is still no cure for the disease that is named after him.

Money is needed to support research to find a cure. Since 2010 there has been a 32% decrease in funding at the National Institute of Health for ALS research as a direct result of diminished congressional support.

The ALS community needed a campaign like the ice bucket challenge to go viral to remind Congress there are a lot of people affected by this disease.

It’s also about Hope

But there is a 3rd benefit in addition to awareness and money that isn’t talked about much:  Hope.  People with ALS, like my Mom, and their caregivers, like my Dad know there isn’t a cure…yet.

But the ice bucket challenge is symbolic of beating your opponent, like when the coach gets it after a win. Except in this case ALS is the opponent and we’re all playing our part to find a cure and beat this horrible disease.

That’s where there’s new found hope.  My Mom gets a smile every time she sees a video on Facebook. It’s amusing yes, but it’s reassuring that she is not alone in this fight and that people care enough to do their part to find a cure. It’s reassuring that there will be a cure. This hope lifts spirits.

Click here to donate to the ALS Association to support research for a cure!

My Challenges

I challenge Anna Duggal and Joseph Lofthouse from the marketing team, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner from the U.S. Congress to push for bi-partisan support to increase funding for ALS research to find a cure, and President Barack Obama to finally accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Ice bucket Appreciation