The Birth of Bring Your Own Office (BYOO)

This post was featured on I know what you’re thinking: “How do you pronounce that? Bee-yoo?” Seriously though, maybe you thought I meant Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). That’s the big buzzword everyone’s talking about lately when referring to the mobile workforce. BYOD is a complex and controversial topic, depending on who you talk to.[…]

Confessions of a Millennial

I am a millennial, there I said it.  Yep, Mr. Generation Y – or maybe I missed the cutoff?  According to Wikipedia, no one can agree on the exact dates which encompass the millennial generation.  But I am certain that I am a millennial.  At least that’s how I self-identify. One thing I am certain[…]

What Collaborative Consumption Can Learn From The Demise of LooseCubes

As co-founder & CEO of a startup in the collaborative consumption economy, I believe it’s time someone stood up for #CollCons and talk about what can be learned from the death of Loosecubes. I’ve been answering questions from the media, investors, suppliers, customers and others about how the Loosecubes closing affects my business model and[…]

Leading A Distributed Workforce Through A Results-Driven Culture

Every day an increasing number of organizations are learning about the benefits of remote working. Whether it’s to increase productivity, save on real estate costs, encourage work/life balance or to prepare for disasters, millions of people are joining the mobile (or mobile-ready) workforce. Still, some managers are hesitant to give their team members the freedom[…]